Exhibition “Women and Goddess”

Mermoz Gallery, 6 rue du Cirque – Paris – from June 8th to July 20th 2010. Opening Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Start date: 6/10/11
End date: 7/20/11
Duration: 40D
Exhibition “Women and Goddess” by Galerie Mermoz

Exhibition "Women and Goddesses" at Galerie Mermoz, 6 rue du Cirque - Paris - from June 8 to July 20, 2011: Presentation on the three women eclectic pieces:

  • Goddess standing Chupicuaro culture, body painting borrowing symbolic and adorned with a headdress adorned with a large cross depicting the four cardinal points, the axis being the center of the world, the perfect balance. Very rare
  • pregnant woman standing culture Mezcala, State of Guerrero. If the figures are mostly asexual Mezcala, referring to the human being in its very essence, the female is much rarer and only 5% of known works to date. This piece offers a touching image of fertility.
  • Woman standing with arms outstretched in the Jama-Coaque culture that develops in Ecuador. The rarity of this work lies in its rich ornaments that have kept this beautiful turquoise and the clearance between the smooth part of clothing that contrasts with the delicacy of the ornaments and the cap.