XIIIe Biennale des Antiquaires

1986/09/25 - Grand Palais - Paris - from September 25th to October 12th 1986.
Start date: 9/25/86
End date: 10/12/86
Duration: 18D
XIIIe Biennale des Antiquaires by Galerie Mermoz

XIIIth Biennial Antiques - Paris - September 25 to October 12, 1986: Presentation of two exceptional pieces Maya clay with beautiful remains of polychromy to the President of the Republic Jacques Chirac:

  • Warrior sitting
  • Censer represent an aspect of the sun god, "K'inich Ajaw" during his nocturnal journey into the underworld. In Maya cosmogony, the sun god during his trip to the underworld, is transformed into a jaguar, then resumes its original form at dawn. The characteristic work of the achievements of Palenque, was used as a sign of devotion to the sun god. He reveals the importance of worship and symbolic link between the ruling class and the cycle of the universe.