XXVe Biennale des Antiquaires – Grand Palais – Paris

2010/09/15 - Grand Palais - Paris - Stand n° N11 - from September 15th to 22nd 2010. Opening : from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. / Late opening : the 16 and 21 until 10 p.m.
Start date: 9/15/10
End date: 9/21/10
Duration: 7D
XXVe Biennale des Antiquaires – Grand Palais – Paris by Galerie Mermoz

XXV Biennale Antiques - Grand Palais - Paris - Stand No. N11 - from 15th to 22nd September 2010 : Presentation of a collection with important parts Mezcala :

  • Imposing sculpture of a large temple in two dimensions, consisting of four columns with a central character. These are ritual objects, offerings or grave goods that accompanied the deceased in his transition from earthly life to the afterlife. The central character may be an ancestor or a god who protects the home and the deceased. This temple with its exceptional size and beauty, can be regarded as a masterpiece of art Mezcala.
  • Two large standing figures with stylized features. These sculptures show an evolution in the human representation characteristic of the art Mezcala. These works are classified as type M-14 and often large. These two characters are standing among the largest known to date. The artist has managed to blend the rigor geometric shapes to flexible lines. One can enjoy the harmony of proportions and the impression of strength and stability that drives the parts. Mezcala artists were able to convey a timeless vision of man.