MAYA – Mexico – Guatemala

450 – 750 A.D.

  • Height : 14.9 cm
  • Length : 4.6 cm
  • Width : 1.8 cm

Speckled green jadeite.


Sculpted pectoral plaque representing a standing dignitary, richly adorned. The arms are folded and resting on the chest. With both of hands, he is holding a ceremonial bar firmly against his chest, right under his chin. He is wearing a loincloth which is tied in his back. It is decorated with tails overhanging on both sides of his thighs and with three central tongues, topped with the head of a divinity. His wrists and ankles are decorated with big beaded bracelets. His lips are thick and slightly parted, the nose is aquiline and the eyes are closed to a slit. The face is adorned with a pair of earrings and with a headdress, held back by a knot. It is composed of death’s head with a lip plate, a tiara with pearled motifs and earrings. Feathers and decorative elements are falling down the dignitary’s back. The superior part has been perforated to create a hole for suspending; another transversal hole can be found by the dignitary’s ears.

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