400 – 100 B.C.

Height : 10.3 cm - Width : 5.2 cm - Depth : 2.2 cm

Brown beige massive terracotta.


Sculpture representing a standing pregnant woman. She is wearing a long and tight skirt. The belly is prominent. Part of her breasts appears underneath the short cape covering her shoulders. The triangular face has been delicately modeled. The nose is long and sharp. The round eyes are in relief and signified by a slit. Her set of jewels, composed of a multi row necklace, large circular earrings and a high headdress, has been realized with the pelletizing technique. The headdress presents a diadem adorned with motifs in relief representing coffee beans.

Michoacán culture was located in Michoacán State in Western Mexico. It is renowned for the quality of its terracotta production, always full of life. This standing woman perfectly reveals the mastery of the pelletizing technique by the meticulousness of the details and the fineness of the incised motifs. The artist has used round volumes to convey an incredible grace to the piece, reflecting a sensual vision of women.