Preclassic period – San Francisco – GUERRERO – Mexico

1200 – 800 B.C.

  • Height : 16.7 cm
  • Width : 15.7 cm
  • Depth : 9.4  cm

Polished beige-brown terracotta.

Human mask representing the old god. The face is asymmetric. The mouth is open and perforated. The upper lip is flattened and the lower lip protrudes. The nose is long and aquiline with perforated nostrils. The cheek bones are raised and accentuated. The eyes are narrow and the pupil is indicated by a hole. The eyebrows are prominent. There are expression lines between the eyebrows and on the cheeks from the nose to the chin. The ear flanges protrude at the face line. The ear lobes are perforated. The top of the mask is rounded and the back is deeply hollowed-out. There are three attachment holes, one behind each ear and one at the centre top.

The mask was worn by shaman during ceremonial rituals.