900-1400 AD


H : 4.7 cm - W : 3 cm - D : 1.1 cm.
Weight: 7 g
. Gold, technique of lost wax casting and hammering.

Pendant depicting the god Yacatecuhtli. The hands are resting on the lower abdomen. The body’s lower part is represented by short and palmed legs. The mouth is opened. The lips are thick. The big and round nose is upturned. The round eyes are pierced. The eyebrows are marked by deep grooves in an arc joining at the root of the nose. The cheekbones are slightly prominent. The ears are decorated with circular loops. He is adorned with a necklace. Theheaddress consists of two grooved strips falling on both sides of the face and ending in volutes. Two suspending rings are placed at the back of the head.

Thegod Yacatecuhli means "god of avant-garde" in Nahua. He was an avatar of Quetzalcoatl, tutelary god of Nahua of Puebla and Tlaxcala. Rites of Quetzalcoatl imposed on the noble candidates for initiation to go to Cholula to meet two great priests. After several days of prayer and penance, ears, nose and lips of initiates were drilled through the bones of eagles and jaguars.