400 – 200 B.C.

  • Height  : 11.4 cm
  • Width : 6.2 cm
  • Depth : 3.2 cm

Massive beige terracotta.

Sculpture representing a standing pregnant woman. Fingers and toes are marked by thin grooves. Legs are slightly apart. Thighs and hips are large and the stomach is round. The bottom and the breasts are generous forming a sensual silhouette with accentuated curves which are emphasized by the small of the back. The attributes of fecundity are obvious while the arms are short and thick. The head is sunk into the shoulders. The mouth is signified by a small jag. The nose is straight and long. The almond shaped eyes are in relief. She is adorned with circular earrings and a large necklace with a central pendant. The head is topped by a sophisticated headdress with interlaced ribbons and coffee bean shaped motifs.

Michoacan culture was located in Michoacan state in Western Mexico. It is reputable for the quality of its terracotta production, always full of life. This standing woman is an artistic masterpiece revealed by the meticulousness used to depict certain details and incised motifs and by the control of the pastillage technique. The round volumes convey an incredible grace to the piece therefore reflecting a sensual vision of women.