NAYARIT – Mexico

100 B.C. – 250 A.D.

  • Height : 45.4 cm
  • Width : 26.6 cm
  • Depth : 17 cm

Hollow brown terracotta with traces of manganese.


Anthropomorphic sculpture representing a kneeling naked pregnant woman.

The body is massive. The wide and angular shoulders are decorated with scarifications. The very thin arms are bent and the hands are placed on the round belly. The small and round breasts are in relief. The face has an elongated shape. The mouth is open and the lips are in relief. The nose is long and wide. The almond-shaped eyes are lightly hollowed-out and the eyelids are hemmed. The hair, represented by grooves, is girded by a double band. The woman wears bracelets around the arms, a three-row necklace, earrings and a nasal disc.

This woman illustrates the crucial moment of childbirth. The sculpture instantly captures this event. The woman is in a squatting position with her hands on her belly as to announce the forthcoming delivery. This importance stage of life was surrounded by several shamanic rituals. The woman’s belly was rubbed with Konopa (vegetal fiber), one poured Chicha (drink made of corn) and idols encircled her in order to win protection of good spirits. The woman who gave birth was considered as equal to the warrior and the midwife shouted a war shout during the childbirth.