NAZCA – Peru

300 – 600 A.D.

  • Height : 37.2 cm
  • Width : 15 cm
  • Depth : 9 cm

Massive brown terracotta with orange red slip, cream and black-brown decorations.

Standing male figure wearing a brown loincloth. His silhouette is thin and slender. The shoulders are massive and the arms are separated from the body. Fingers and toes are painted with square shaped motifs which are white with a black contour. The head is oblong shaped. The mouth is small, the lips are slightly apart and show finely incised teeth. The aquiline nose is in relief. The nostrils are signified by tiny jags. The almond shaped eyes, the pupils and the eyebrows are underlined by thin strokes of black paint. The head is topped by a high headdress which is painted in black with a braid falling down the back.