450 - 750 A.D.

  • Height : 55.5 cm
  • Width : 26.5 cm
  • Depth : 13 cm

Brown terracotta covered with tar (chapopote).

Standing figure with the arms along the body. He is dressed with a diamond-shaped loincloth, tied with a belt made up of five strips. A short shirt, richly adorned, covers his chest. It is made up of a flecked fabric marked by braid of thin cords and friezes in a triangle. One can find this triangular frieze back around his neck, it is partly covered with a lied scarf that falls down on the front of the shirt. His face is oval and his mouth is open. The nose is straight. The slender almond eyes have pupils in relief. He is adorned with bracelets around his wrists and large circular earrings. The head is topped by a headband with circular ornaments shaped as glasses. These elements are characteristic of the representation of Tlaloc, the god of rain.

The whole body and the face are covered with black chapopote which contrasts with the clothing left in brown terracotta.