1150 – 900 B.C.

  • Height : 10.4 cm
  • Width : 3.7 cm
  • Depth : 2.1 cm

Massive beige terracotta.

Standing naked woman with the head made up of two faces. The arms are short, the hips and the legs are wide and round. The waist is slim. The navel is pierced. The two faces are alike. The mouths are open, the noses are straight and the eyes are almond-shaped. The arches of the eyebrows meet the roots of the nose and merge with the receding foreheads. The head is topped by a headgear with a diadem ornamented with big pearls and long locks falling to each side on the chest.

During the Pre-classic period, the figures accompanying the deceased in their last great journey were exclusively feminine and symbolized the mother-goddess. The most ancient and famous site is the one of Tlatilco, which means in Nahuatl “the place where things are hidden”. The particularity of this Venus is the presence of the double face, modeled after the summer and winter solstices.


-Ancient collection of Guy Joussemet.