350 – 100 B.C.

  • Height : 22 cm
  • Width : 6.2 cm
  • Depth : 6.9 cm

Grey-green stone.

Anthropomorphic statuette representing a standing pregnant woman.
Legs are apart. The arms are close to the body and embracing the belly. Toes are signified by grooves. The open mouth is marked by a jag. The flat nose is lined up with the chin.
The face is of geometrical form. The nose bridge is prominent. The arches of the eyebrows are in relief and meet with the beginning of the nose. Each eye is signified by a cavity. The rectilinear ears are sticking out.

If Mezcala figures are mainly asexual and evoking the human being in essence, the feminine figure is much rarer and only represents 5% of the works up to know. Thus, our short pregnant woman is an extremely interesting example as just three or four exist in the world. Her arched position gives an impression of realism contrasting with the stylization of the face and gives a touching image of fertility.