JALISCO – Mexico

100 B.C. – 250 A.D.

  • Height : 43 cm
  • Width : 32.3 cm
  • Depth : 44 cm

Brown terracotta with beige-orange coating and singnificant traces of manganese oxide.

The sitting couple, man and woman are embracing each other, the man has his arm around her shoulder whereas the woman has her arm around his waist. The man is sitting with his legs folded. His right hand is resting on his knee. His hands are massive, the fingers and nails are finely drawn. The pectoral muscles are bulging. He is wearing underpants.
His long face is turned towards his partner. The mouth is large and the prominent lips are forward. The nose is straight with finely drawn wings. The eyelids are rimmed and reveal round and protruding eyes. The big ears are sticking out, lobes are pierced. The front is bare. His hair is going down to the shoulders and the head is topped by a bun in the shape of a crest. Hair is signified by streaks.
The woman is in a squatting position, her right hand is on her right leg and her left arm is around the man's back. Her fingers and nails are finely drawn. She is wearing a skirt and her breasts are bare.
Her face shows the same characteristics as the man's. Her head is topped by a tight headdress. Baking holes on each side of both the man's and the woman's ears.

From this unique piece emerges a magnificent internalized expression of complicity and unity of the couple.