MAYA – Jaina – Campeche – Mexique

500 – 850 A.D.

  • Height : 17 cm
  • Width : 7.3 cm
  • Thickness : 7.6 cm

Hollow beige terracotta with marks of turquoise painting.

Seated dignitary with legs crossed. The arms bend on one of each other. The left hand rests on the waist and the right hand on the biceps. The fingers are engraved. The shoulders are large. He wears a loincloth hooked with a wide belt of which bends on the left. A central piece of material covers the feet. A necklace made of nine big pearls decorates his neck. The dignitary is adorned with an ornament covering his chest and cheeks. His mouth is finely delineated. The long and prominent nose is hooked. The bone of the noise goes up to forehead. The streamlined eyes are very close together. The prominent ears are adorned with earrings. A big headdress complements the finery. The bottom of which is made of a headband encircling the head. This headband is surmounted with a twist of two pieces of material with a pattern alternating small grooves and one median line. The twist is hooked with a headband hemmed on its internal rim and ornamented with three ranges of grooves which used to be painted in blue. The headband is fixed behind the head with a large knot of which both extremities overhang on each side.

There is a hole in the right shoulder as well as one behind the scapula to serve as a whistle.