1300 - 1521 AD

Height : 30 cm  - Width : 19 cm - Depth : 17.6 cm

Beige brown volcanic tuff type rock


The short forehead is delimited by the implantation of the hair. The eyes, deeply hollowed out, give more depth to the look. The feeling of life is breathed by the nose with perforated nostrils and by the half-open mouth. The pierced ears, large and wide, follow the oval of the face.
This character stands out for his sitting position. Shirtless, he wears a loincloth whose ties are tied on his stomach. The right leg is bent to the ground while the left leg is brought back against the chest. His left hand rests on his knee while his right hand holds a corn cob. The details of the fingers and nails, sculpted with finesse, are remarkable.