250 – 550 A.D.

  • Height : 29,3 cm
  • Length : 13,1 cm
  • Width : 6,8 cm

Green turquoise volcanic tuf.

Standing figure representing a massive body. Arms are stuck to the chest. Fingers and toes are marked by grooves. Shoulders are square shaped. The head is consequent compared to the body and is sunk between his shoulders. The mouth is open. The aquiline nose is in relief and eyes are hollowed-out. The arches of the eyebrows are slightly prominent and are merging with the receding forehead. The rectangular shaped ears are sticking out. The head is adorned with a coiffure composed of a large headband with geometrical engraved motifs and topped with a long crest. Impurities in the stone were, from the very beginning, replaced by tuf (see the left leg and beneath the lower lip).