1100 – 600 B.C.

Height : 14.4 cm  - Width : 7.8 cm - Depth : 2.7 cm

Beige terracotta.


Sculpture representing a standing naked goddess.The legs are flat and the hips are strongly marked. The tubular arms clasp around her large bust. The hands are notified by small streaks and meet around the circular navel. Above, the solar plexus was perforated. Her face, as tall as the body, is treated with a great expressivity. Her widely open mouth and her raised eyebrows reveal a feeling of surprise. Her shoulders are adorned with scarifications made of pelletizing and a lock of hair falls on her chest. She wears a necklace, large circular earrings and a headdress. The latest takes up the shape of a small architecture with two grooved platforms between which openwork chevrons take place.

This extremely rare sculpture is treated as a monumental figure. The artist has played on the flatness of the body which contrasts with the elements in high relief such as the chest or the openwork parts. The expression of her face seems to be taken on the spot and gives strength and presence to this fertility goddess.