350 - 100 B.C.

Height : 33 cm  - Width : 8.7 cm - Depth : 4.8 cm

Speckled green meta-diorite


Former collection Herzog Franz Von Bayern since 1970

Collection Galerie Mermoz since 2010

This magnificent standing figure is a unique piece within the fabulous corpus of Guerrero works, created by the ancient artisans of southwestern Mexico. Its large size, the balance of its volumes, the correctness of its features, the sobriety of its forms and the beauty of its polished green stone, constitute the very essence of the Mezcala art, in what it has of most noble.

Its rarity is also due to the fact that it is a woman. In most cases, the Mezcala characters are asexual. A minority, about 5%, can be clearly identified as female figures, because of their breasts. Another rare feature, this elegant silhouette marries the uncompromising abstraction of the body with a relative naturalism of the face, visible in the features of the nose and mouth.

Carved in a beautiful speckled green stone, precious material par excellence, symbolically related to water and fertility in pre-Columbian thought, this piece was probably part of a group of ritual offerings, following an ancestral custom full of hopes for the deceased ancestors who were supposed, through the worship which was thus given to them, to continue their way beyond death and to watch over the spirits of future generations from the afterlife.