COLIMA – Mexico

100 B.C. – 250 A.D.

Height : 45 cm - Width : 20.9 cm - Depth : 13.8 cm

Hollow brown terracotta with red brown slip and traces of manganese oxide.


Former collection Yvon Collet since 1968

Former collection Paul Cavallier since 1989

Galerie Mermoz Collection since 2005

This anthropomorphic sculpture depicts a woman standing, wearing a round vase on her right shoulder. The body, although feminine, has a certain build with shoulders and hips in the same alignment and a very small size. At the top, the head is covered with a cloth that perfectly fits the oval face down to below the ears. The back of the rounded skull is pronounced.
The face is well proportioned. The superciliary arches and the slightly raised cheekbones give the whole a certain softness. The eyes are marked by two shallow horizontal incisions. Their elongated and thin shape makes the look of this woman quite penetrating. The mouth, like the eyes, is evoked by a gash. It sketches a light smile of contentment.
The nose, on the other hand, is assertive, with a straight and long edge and a strongly rounded tip. Its wings are dilated and the orifices of the nostrils are signified by two circular hollows at the base. The roundness of the chin and jaw is pronounced, conversely the neck is almost non-existent. The ears are well visible and finely shaped with a hollow at the level of the lobes.
The shoulders are broad and rounded, announcing an imposing bust. The design of the clavicles and the small pointed chest refine this rectangular silhouette. The right arm is bent to hold the vase while the left arm, shorter, is stretched along the body. The fingers of the hands are signified by incisions, as are the toes of the feet.                    
This woman is draped in a fabric that completely surrounds her and goes down to her ankles. The edges of this garment are marked by fine incisions and one can clearly distinguish the wallet closure, descending diagonally from the waist to the feet.