1000-1500 AD

Height: 20.2 cm - Width : 10.4 cm - Depth : 13.7 cm

Gray-black gabbro


This singular work is a magnificient demonstration of the sculptural skills of the Taino Indians, who occupied most of the lands of the Greater Antilles
when Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492.

This head called zemí, a term used by these people to designate a sacred entity embodying a deity of the spirit of an ancestor of the clan.
It belongs to the particular group of "Macoris heads", called like this because many of them were found in the province of San Pedro de Macorís.

From an anatomical point of view, we find here the emaciated and hypnotic face characteristic of the zemí, endowed with an immense and strongly hollowed mouth,
a heavy lower jaw projected forward, thin and gaunt lips, a bony nose, prominent cheekbones, large sunkey eyes and earrings adorned with circular curls.