Guanacaste Nicoya - Costa Rica

800 – 1 400 A.D.
Height           : 38 cm
Width of the opening: 14 cm
Brown terracotta with cream, brown and orange decorations.
Ancient European collection since 1968.

Tripod vase zoomorphic representing a jaguar.

The feet of the vase are formed by two posterior paws and an openworked tail of the jaguar. The jaguar’s head appears in the middle of the face on the front and is surrounded by a mane, we could say, which is made up of anthropo-zoomorphic faces. The opened mouth shows four fangs and a visible tongue. The ears are raised. The front paws, small-sized and thin, are on the massive posterior paws. On the back, we can see the jaguar’s backbone in relief.

The paws, the front of the body, the tail, the backbone and the top of the vase are decorated with anthropo-zoomorphic faces. Two cooking holes are noticeable on the posterior paws.

The quality of the polychromy is exceptional. This piece is a good example of this style.